Lambing Leicester Longwools

I chose to raise Leicester Longwool sheep for their history and their aesthetics-- For me, they are the sheepiest-sheep-- the ur-sheep on the eighteenth-century English landscape, the sheep that populate the lush stone-walled fields of my dreams. They're also historically appropriate-- re-introduced to America by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, the sheep were the first scientifically bred breed, perfected by Robert Bakewell in the mid-eighteenth century. Their fleece is famous for its iridescence-- it sparkles. As an older breed, they work well as dual purpose animal, perfect for the small homestead. And they are so, so pretty.

With lambing comes a host of other pleasures, not least the pleasure of midwifing successful births, sometimes bottle feeding warm lambs who fall asleep on your lap, and watching your children cavort with lambs in daffodils.